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Holiday Hopes

January 3, 2012

“I don’t need to buy anything.  I have everything I need.”  I heard this just today and thought, “wow!”  How can I get to this place too?”  Sadly though, most of us have an ongoing list of things we either want or say we need.  If someone else has something that looks good, we tend to want that too.  Ok.  Not everything but, face it, would you really want/need it if it was not in front of your face all the time?  For the Holidays, I know I want more as well.  I do try and ask myself, “am I really going to use this,” as maybe even I do a time or two and then it sits collecting dust.

I realize it may be cliché, but I would like world peace, or at least moving closer in that direction.  I want a world where one is free to believe (in whatever) and not be judged for it.  I would like to be even closer to my family and will try harder to not let the small things get in the way of this.  Sweating the small stuff – do take a look at your own daily grind and see what may be getting in the way of your happiness.  I tell you there is too much that may be packed in there.

I would like my own little guys to appreciate what they have and hope they know how much we all love them.  5 more minutes a day.  Imagine just adding 5 minutes a day to being with them, playing a game, reading a book, or whatever.  The same goes true for friends I keep saying I need to call.  Don’t put off joy and connectedness in your life.  We all need it and I want it for you.  How many times have you put off a quick call or other way to connect?  Be there for your loved-ones.  Show them your love and attention.  Happy New Year!!

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