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Continuing the Holiday Spirit

December 26, 2011

Christmas maybe over but you dont have to lose the holiday spirit. That magical time of the holidays does not have to end even though christmas has passed. What if you hold all of those wonderful feelings and start each day by remembering all those neat feelings? Imagine starting each day with tht wonderful jolt of love. A quick serge of hope and joy. How good will that feel? I get excited just thinking about it. In reality, each day really start the same. It starts with the mind set that you put forward. If you wake up with positive thoughts and hopes you are more likely to see all the good that will come up in your day. Think about it. Its like tracing an outline of how you want your day to be. If, however, you start your day with doubts or frustrations of what is unresolved orpressures that you have thrust on yourself, your day may start down the wrong path.

You really do have so much control in your life. I know we can look at a particular day or time frame and feel sad that it has passed. I also know that I can hold as many of those good thoughts and feelings about that recent day and continue to feel the emotional dividends my life’s events bring me. I love what I do and the special people in my life and all of this bring me wonder beyond belief. What about you? I know there are a lot of neat things fo r you even through the most difficult times. I want to encourage you to capture the positives you’ve experienced and hold them in your heart.

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