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Exorcising our Demons

October 30, 2011

Every one of us has things we worry about or that frustrate us.  These are stressors and, whether big or small, eat up space within our minds and bodies.  Now, it can be easy to discount how these thoughts can bother us with statements like “I don’t think about it every day,” or “I can stop the thoughts when I need to.”  The reality though is that each one of these pains or unresolved issues, that our mind continues to dredge-up, is keeping negative energy within us.  Imagine each and every unresolved thought like puss that is stuck inside your body and in need of purging.

Now if you think you can try and ignore the thoughts, or experience the feelings, and it will somehow go away, you are sadly mistaken; it doesn’t work this way.  We need to face them.  We need to release the hold the issues may have on us.  When we talk about it, how it affects us, and what we may want to do next, we are best able to take that next step.  If this involves someone who may have said or done something and we were hurt, by taking time to reflect on what happened, talk it out with a friend, loved-one or even in counseling, we may best be able to come back to the person and discuss it.  In fact, we will probably be calmer and in a better personal space to get your wants and needs met in the conversation.

Another way to address the things that are on our minds is to write them out.  Here, we can be as angry or hurt (or whatever) as we need to be without attacking anyone or anything.  From what is then jotted down, you can calmly take kernels from the writing to later address with the person you we may choose.

Whatever appropriate way you want to soothe the thougths or pain is ok.  These are only a few of the ways we can assertively exorcise the demons that make-up our angst.

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