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What a Friend Means To Me

August 31, 2011

What is a friend to me?

A Friend is someone to lean on

A Friend is someone to look in on us when we are in need

  • A Friend is someone to laugh with as well as cry with when we need to
  • A Friend is someone to  bounce ideas off of
  • A Friend is someone who can handle our frustrations


I do not know where I would be without friendship.  The kindness and support I receive are things I would not trade and I am fortunate to be blessed with special people in my life.  Are you fortunate enough to have such friends in your life?

Interestingly, many I have worked with have shared feeling uncomfortable leaning on a friend and getting the support they may be struggling to find. Why?  Some have said they would not want to burden their friends.  Others have shared being embarrassed and needy to keep their pain even from their closest friends.  Ah!  Then what good is having a friend, I say!  A true friend can handle what you need to say.  Have faith in you and lean on them when in need.

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