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Suffering in Silence: Why not reach out for help?

August 7, 2011
There are a number of reasons that seem to stop us from getting the necessary support when we are in need.
1. The idea that I should be able to manage this myself.
2. The thought of appearing weak or somehow being judged by others.
3. Doubting that others can truly help you.
4. Perhaps believing we then owe that person who helped us and sensing a one-down position.
These may be only some of the reasons  we don’t get support when we need it.  The truth is we will not have all of the answers to everything that comes up in our lives.   Somethings may confuse us or worry us.  Here are but a few of the realities of suffering in silence:
1. If we turn down help, the problem does not get any easier.
2. We are not likely to magically resolve the situation when overwhelmed.
3. We may become more and more frustrated/agitated/worried, etc.
This can impact other areas of our life.  If we do reach out and find out that support we can see new possibilities to succeed, not only here, but in future situations as well.  You can feel hopeful and excited to check this off the list.  The benefits are overwhelmingly positive.  Try it. It maybe easier than you realize.
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